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Pulp Sludge

Pulp Sludge & GME New Eco-Technology

  • The consumption of papers increases from the process of paper production by huge amounts of non-recycled sludge and mostly dispose of landfill and incineration.

  • Pulp sludge incineration in hydrogen sulfide and dioxin can cause serious air pollution, also the problem of soil pollution has occurred to the landfill waste, and now an eco-friendly pulp sludge treatment method is required.

  • There are various techniques to utilize pulp sludge however, it is hard to make a profit and be promoted because of the huge amounts of budget.

  • GME is developed with advanced chemical treatment and ceramic technology by using pulp sludge which is to create high value-added by developing the low-cost eco-friendly non-combustible insulation

But by applying special chemical compositions and using the technology from the ceramic industry, GME’s New Eco- Technology produces various kinds of low-cost and high-quality construction materials. The technology is regarded as being highly environmentally friendly and economical.

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