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Pulp Sludge

Pulp Tile

  • Pulp Tile

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(Light Weight) Polishing Tile

- Pulp Sludge: Resolute Forest Products, Canada

- Manufacturer: Hengyu Tile, China

  • Advantages of GME Technology

  • Main material replacement  →  Cost Decrease Profit Increase

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- Substantial reduction of material cost by replacing clay to pulp sludge

  • Product Quality Improvement  –  Lightness, Insulating

* Hengyu Tile, Zibo Factory (China)

Due to the lightness of pulp sludge, pulp wall tile will be approximately 13.7%  to 18% lighter than the       existing wall tile.

- Pulp tile’s lightweight will contribute to the efficiency of construction as well as dramatically lowering         transportation cost.

- Also, the insulating characteristic of pulp sludge makes it an excellent lightweight insulated tile.

  • ASTM Test Result of Pulp Wall & Floor Tile

  • Test Institution: TCNA (The Tile Council of North America)

  • Test Date: 2018.8.21 & 10.24

PT_wall tile_edited.png

(Product Tested: Wall Tile)

PT_floor tile_edited.png

(Product Tested: Floor Tile)

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