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GME Canada

Eco-tech Research and Development


GME R & D Centre
Stone Sludge

GME established R & D centre in 2008, through the fusion of advanced chemical technology and ceramic technology, GME has focused on the development of raw building materials of various quality to maintain mechanical strength at high temperatures and do not generate any harmful substances.

GME has researched and developed the processing technology of various sludge treatments to take on the leading role of the environmental industry in the 21st-Century R&D centre successfully developed a new eco technology based on utilized advanced chemical technology and ceramic technology, using a variety of sludge (Pulp sludge, stone sludge and sewage sludge) for production of artificial marble boards and building materials.

Unlike the current environmental technology, GME New Eco Technology has started a new environmental technology era in terms of economy that produces high value added products such as artificial marbles, and in terms of environment, that recycles 100% of its products.

In 2009, GME made a contribution to the construction industry by developing the GME Stone coloring technology, which utilizes advanced chemical technologies to convert various colors of the surface and internal (50 mm) of granite.

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