GME Stone Colouring

GME Stone Colouring is the unique marriage of the durability and versatility of artificial stone with the aesthetic qualities of the original natural stone

GME Stone Colouring

  • Available in a full spectrum of colors

  • Hanges the color of the surface and the inside of the stone

  • Has excellent water absorption resistance and damp-proof qualities

  • Is immune to freezing and thawing

  • Has strong acid and alkali resistance

  • Can be used for floors, walls, countertops and more….

  • In the process of achieving Internationally patent

UV Exposure
  • Xenon Arc (200 hrs)

  • No colour change, cracking or other evident damages to samples

Spot Test
  • ABA Laundry soap, PH 3 HCI, Liquid Bleach (1hrs)

  • No Stain or discolouring

Thermal Cycling
  • 1hr @ 20 ± 2°C, 6hrs @ 60 ± 2°C, 17hrs @ -30 ± 2°C (5cycles)

  •  No effects observed

Accelerate Weathering Test
  • Xenon Arc (500 hrs) – Gray Scale

  • Black Colouring Pochonsok (Granite)

  • No colour change