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GME Sand Stone

The unique marriage of the durability and versatility of artificial stone

with the aesthetic qualities of the original natural stone

About GME Sand Stone

Various types of cement products are mainly made from river sand(2.0-0.2mm), but its supply-and-demand problem as a building material recently facilitated a growing interest in using sea sand. However, the salinity within sea sand makes concrete strength worse and reinforces decay, and it is possible to cause shoddy construction. Sea sand is therefore always required to go through a washing (desalting) progress.

On the other hand, desert sand(0.2-0.02mm) has not been used as a building material due to its physical property’s difficulty in mixing with cement.

With GME’s advanced chemical technology and ceramic technology, GME has developed an artificial sand stone using both river and sea sand, as well as desert sand, which has not been utilized at all before. GME has been able to find a crucial solution to the supply-and-demand problem of sand.

GME Sand stone has an excellent surface in appearance and is stronger compared to natural sand stone. In particular, it is an environmental-friendly product that uses 100% natural minerals (No Cement). In the case of making use of the GME New Technology in the Middle East or recently, in China where desertification is rapidly progressing, adding economic value to the improvement of resource utilization will be very large in the future.

  • Excellent surface in appearance compared to natural sand stone.

  • Through marbling techniques, pattern and colours are like natural stones

  • Eco-Friendly product made from 100% natural mineral materials (No Cement)

  • Usage for the interior/exterior materials as well as flooring with excellent strength

  • Improvement of the installation process

GME Sans Stone
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