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GME New Eco Technology

100% Recycling of sludge (No secondary Pollutants)

Background & Key Characteristics of New Eco-Technology

As industrialization has continued, there has been a massive increase in product consumption.

  • The disposal of various waste matters has become one of the biggest social problems; these disposals often require an enormous budget.

The 1996 London Protocol was adopted to prevent marine pollution by controlling waste dumps.  Since the burial of waste was prohibited, there has been a strong demand for a recycling system for natural resources.

  • ​Prohibition of dumping sewage sludge in 2012, and of dumping food waste in 2013.


Through various waste treatment plans and highly innovative chemical technology, GME Canada has invented an inexpensive, high-quality system that uses high temperatures without causing any hazardous by-products.

  • Using GME’s ceramic technology and marbling technology, high-value products such as lightweight tile are manufactured from recycled waste.​​

  • Through processes involving the disposing of heavy metal contents and reducing carbonic acid gas, we ensure the safety of our product.

(1) 100% Recycling of sludge            Environmental aspect

  • Preventing secondary release of pollutants by using 100% sludge​

​(2) A highly profitable business            Economical aspect

  • Enormous savings by the elimination of a budget for the disposal of sludge

  • Great profit through the sales of high quality products (possibly mass production)​

​(3) Great for building a green company            Developmental aspect

  • Lead the new and growing green industry

  • Potential growth on the international front by becoming a worldwide role model

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