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Sewage Sludge

Sewage Sludge & GME’s New Eco Technology

As cities are more urbanized and population grows, more and more sewage sludge is produced from wastewater plants. Traditional ways of waste treatment create issues that affect human health and the environment.

For example, sewage sludge incineration produces hydrogen sulfide and dioxin which can cause serious air pollution. Also, the problem of soil pollution has occurred in landfill waste disposal activities.

Therefore, with the diversification of sewage waste treatment, a new eco-friendly treatment method that recycles the waste is needed for sewage wastewater treatment plants.

GME has developed an eco-friendly manufacturing process that transforms sludge waste into commercially viable building materials. We use 100% of sludge waste in such a way as to protect the environment and repurpose the waste materials into useful end products for the construction industry.

Through various waste treatment processes and highly innovative chemical technology, GME Canada has invented an inexpensive, high-quality manufacturing process that uses high temperatures to create materials from waste without causing any hazardous by-product residuals.

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