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Incineration Ash

Incineration Ash & GME’s New Eco Technology

Incineration ash can be divided into bottom ash left on the floor and fly ash collected through a dust collector.

Bottom ash contains relatively fewer heavy metals than fly ash, and only some of them are recycled as aggregate, bricks, and blocks, and most of them are treated for landfills.

  • Low recycling rate of bottom ash is because of the elution of heavy metals and low strength for construction purposes.

Fly ash contains high heavy metals and it is considered hazardous waste and treated in a special landfill site. In order to prevent the elution of harmful substances such as heavy metals, fly ash is landfilled after being mixed with cement and solidified.

However, landfill treatment of incineration ash still causes environmental problems such as serious soil pollution along with enormous treatment costs. In most of the countries in the world and especially in Europe, landfill of incinerated ash is controlled under heavy regulation.

GME’s new eco-technology produces various construction materials that maintain the high quality of strength and prevent the elution of harmful substances by ceramic treatment of incineration ash with non-organic sludge(sub-material) in a high-temperature molten state.

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